Rogers First Set Tour - Rising Stars 04 Nov - 04 Nov Tennis BC – U9 Fall Hub Tour (Nov 4) The Hub @ Richmond Richmond

tournament info

Date: Friday November 4th, 2022

Time: 4 – 6pm, and 6 – 8pm

Events: U9 mixed singles – Orange ball, 3/4 court

Location: TennisBC Hub @ Richmond, 10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC


Enter through the website here: Tournament LinkPlease read Tournament Regulations before entering

Entry open: Sunday October 9, 8:00am

Withdrawal deadline: Sunday October 23, 11:59pm


Tournament details (including match format, parent code of conduct, player information, and leaderboard):

Other Useful Information:

Policy for Late Withdrawal and Failure to Complete Required Tournament Events

Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches

Tournament Contact: Jazmin Zastera