Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit

The aim of the Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit is to create a competitive opportunity for the more advanced U9/U10 junior tennis players from across the province to participate in year-round competitions. Players can accumulate points for special ranking. The best competitors in each category win prizes at the end of the year.

The Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit is for:

Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit tournament age groups:
U10 – For players who will turn 10 years old or younger this year
U9 – For players who will turn 9 years old or younger this year

2022 age groups:

U9 – open for players born in 2013, 2014, and 2015.
U10 – open for players born in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

2022 Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit players package:

One to 4 tournaments

5 tournaments or more

A mix of: Dry fit T-shirt, Bag, Cap



Players must play at least 3 rookies to be eligible to play Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) tournaments. Players will be excluded until 3 tournaments have been played.

Parents are asked to be familiar with the information of Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit and tournament regulations before signing up your child to a tournament. 

Click HERE for Parents/Players checklist.

For a complete list of Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Tournaments, please click here.

Event Information:

U9 – orange ball competition

  • For players who will turn 9 years old this year or younger
  • 3/4 court will be used
  • Racquet: 23” (depending on child’s size)
  • Boys and girls combined draw

U10 – green ball competition

  • For players who will turn 10 years old this year or younger
  • Regular full court will be used
  • Racquet: 23-25” (depending on child’s size)
  • Boys and Girls on separate draw


Registration Opens28 days prior to tournament date (4 Sundays before)
Registration Closes14 days prior to tournament date (2 Sundays before)
Acceptance Posted2 days after the entry is closed (unless otherwise stated)
Draws and schedule to be posted onlineTuesday of the tournament week – Players are responsible to check their own match time

*Reminder: It is violation of code of conduct to enter two tournaments in the same time period without prior permission of both Tournament Referees.

Acceptance: Basing on First come, First Served entry time

Silver tournaments: some tournaments are labelled as Silver tournaments. The priority of acceptance:

  • Players who play their first Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) tournament. 
  • Players on the Silver Leader Board

Only one tournament per weekend, regardless the age categories and events. The second tournament will be on the least priority in the acceptance. Leader Board points may not be awarded to the second tournament played on the same weekend.

Draw Format:
Compass or Round Robin draw format will be used to provide a minimum of 3 match opportunities to each player. Less matches may be played in the event of unforeseeable circumstances (which may include late withdrawal, no show, default, injury, illness)

Match Format:
Click HERE for Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) match format.

Rules and Regulations:

Late Withdrawal and Failure to Complete Required Tournament Events (LW/FC) penalties will be enforced.

Click HERE for LW/FC cases and scenarios to penalty and refund

Once a player receives a total of 3 LW/FC Points within a 12 month period, he/she will be suspended for ONE month without being able to compete in any Canadian event (Provincial (all levels of tournaments including Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) and Team Tennis), National, ITF domestic) within that period. The period begins the day following the completion of the tournament in which the third LW/FC Point was assessed.

At Tennis BC our goal is to ensure that tennis parents and coaches are educated on how to support their child and others during tournament play. Please find some helpful pointers listed below:

  • No coaching is allowed. Do not communicate, visually or verbally while your child is playing a match. Your child could receive penalties because of this.
  • No outside officiating is allowed. This includes line calls and scoring. Any score disputes on court should be referred to the on-site staff. Parents are asked not to make any judgement of line call from where you sit. The window or the curtain, as well as the angle may give you a different vision of where the ball lands. The line judges who are sitting right at the line make error sometimes and so do the young players.
  • While spectators are allowed on court in some clubs, all movement should be minimized in order not to disrupt the match. Should movement be necessary, we ask parents to do it after a point is finished and do it quickly – never between first and second serve.

Click HERE for Parents/Players checklist.

Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit Sportsmanship AwardsAward will be given to one player of each division of Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit.

Click HERE for details of nomination and Sportsmanship Award criteria

Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 players on the Leader Board in each category (BU10, GU10, BU9 and GU9) at the completion of the Circuit in December. Players will receive SportChek Gift card at the value of:


Details about the 2022 Year-end Celebration will be posted closer to December 2022

To create a healthy and positive competitive environment, the Points race (Leader Board) is designed to reward participation as opposed to winning. Please find more details on the points race below.

  • Participation points – Players participating in the Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) Circuit event will receive 40 points per tournament played
  • Tournament points – 10 points to the difference of games won/games lost
  • Bonus Participation Points – A one-time bonus of 200 points for 10 Orange-Green Ball (U9/U10) tournaments players will be given at the end of the year.
  • All tie break is considered as one game.

2022 leaderboards will begin to uploaded starting mid-Jan 2022.

2022 Leaderboards can be found here

Last updated (Sept 22 2022)