Community Department Mission:

“We are accountable to our many partners, which include but are not limited to, Tennis Canada, PHE Canada, and various community organizations throughout British Columbia. We value long-term athlete development and aim to utilize our many resources to help families make knowledgeable decisions regarding their child’s tennis involvement. We link parents with professional programs in their community that share our high standards for age-appropriate pathway development while also providing a safe and fun learning environment.”

Community Champions

Are individuals or groups who are passionate about tennis and who are well connected to other community leaders (e.g. youth-group leaders, town/city counselors, health professionals, local business people etc.) in his/her community. Community Champions are integral to Tennis Canada’s Building Tennis Communities Strategy. The mandate of this program is to grow and sustain the growth of tennis by addressing the needs of communities.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Champion in your area, please contact Jeannie Rohr, Director of Community Development at or 604-808-3610.

Graduated Community Champions (as of 2014)