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High Performance

About The High Performance Program

High Performance focuses on a systematic approach to maximize the potential of athletes in our sport. It provides a framework to assist athletes through each stage of the LTAD pathway ultimately setting the foundation in their pursuit of excellence. Tennis BC provides players with a different level of support as they reach the stage where they have made a conscious decision to pursue a potential career as a “professional player.”  It is our goal that once a player has reached this stage in their development (Learning to Perform stage as per LTAD) they are equipped with the tools and skills to train full time at the National Training Centre in Montreal. We classify athletes as having reached the high performance stage of development once they exhibit the competencies outlined in the consolidation stage of development as per LTAD (Stage #4).

Tennis BC in partnership with Tennis Canada and Tennis Development Centres provide athletes access to extensive year round performance training and competitive opportunities. These programs aim to educate athletes on core psychological, physical, tactical and technical components as needed to acquire international level competencies and norms.

Tennis BC and Tennis Canada have recognized the need to combine and maximize resources to deliver a world class integrated provincial and national HP program structure. Using tennis as a vehicle, we strive to develop athletes who are role models/ambassadors to our sport who will contribute to the growth of tennis in Canada.

Our Mission:

To reach out and identify children with natural ability, desire, determination and the dream to become high achieving National and International ambassadors to the sport.
We will provide an improved pathway for player development based on maximizing training opportunities and competitive opportunities, with the support of advanced sports sciences.

Our Values:

  • Long term vision and commitment
  • Work ethic
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Stretch yourself to more and aim high
  • Building a Team spirit and culture – feed off each other
  • Taking from the Program and Giving back to Tennis

Our Programs:

  1. Provincial Training Camps
  2. Provincial Junior Program
  3. National Junior Program