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Joint Release to Members


Tennis BC and Pickleball BC strongly encourage community tennis and pickleball clubs to consult and collaborate with each other when working on growth plans that could impact the other sport.  Positive examples of collaboration between our two sports have demonstrated that we can achieve better outcomes when we work together.

With that goal in mind, Pickleball BC and Tennis BC formed a Task Force earlier this year to develop recommendations to increase opportunities for pickleball and to minimize the impact on tennis. As a first step, the parties signed an MoU that simply outlines the Task Force’s principles and goals.  The stated goals of the Task Force are to promote adequate public facilities for both sports, reduce the conflict that sometimes arises at shared courts, and share best practices.

The Task Force meets every two weeks and is making good progress. Its final report must be ratified by the Tennis BC and Pickleball BC boards before being provided to communities and organizations.


Mark Braidwood – Tennis BC President                    Walter Knecht – Pickleball BC President