Inspire Through Sport is an organization designed to provide programs, courses, resources, and hands-on experience, and to foster inspirational leadership development.  Tennis BC, along with The Tennis Professionals Association (TPA), the coaching arm of Tennis Canada, has partnered with Inspire Through Sport to deliver this amazing pilot mentorship program for girls aged 14-17.

Studies show that girls who participate in sport are more likely to be successful in academics, pursue great careers and become leaders in their community.  Inspire Through Sport is here to show that through tennis, females can gain valuable life experiences in a safe environment.  This inspirational mentorship program is a chance to acquire knowledge in goal setting, discipline, independence, time management, responsibility, and so much more. Working collaboratively with Provincial Tennis Associations, and the TPA is a top priority for Inspire to ensure high quality standards are met throughout the program’s delivery.

Founded by Tennis Canada trained coaches Nikki Carnovale and Rachel Gould, Inspire Through Sport aims to create a collaborative environment that brings young females together to learn, grow, and lead. Carnovale and Gould believe there are various pathways to success and this program will work with each individual to reach their full potential.  All participants will receive a Community Tennis Facilitator certificate upon completion of the program, and those that are eligible will have the opportunity to complete the Instructor Course certification simultaneously.

This incredible mentorship programs runs for 16-months, from September 2021-December 2022!  The program is broken up with 75% online sessions and 25% in person practicums with additional development opportunities available to all participants.

Cost: $590

Included in the price:

  • 40 hours of mentoring/training with course leaders both online and in person.
  • An Inspire Through Sport uniform.
  • Emergence into our network of coaches and leaders within the tennis community.
  • Assignments and worksheets that assist individual learning.

On Sunday, August 8th at 3:30PM PST, an online information session will be held.  For details on how to attend and learn more about our national program, contact Inspire Through Sport at


For more information on this program, please contact Jeannie Rohr of Tennis BC at

Join #TeamInspire for these lessons as they use tennis as a compass for life. You can handle anything, on and off the court!


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