Today’s feature player of the day is Jessie Gong from Richmond, BC.

When asked the following questions, here’s what Jessie had to say!

Who is your favourite tennis player?
“Justine Henin. Both her playing style and footwork prove as great examples for those players that lack in physical size, such as myself. She is able to make up for it with her incredible speed and agility, which is something everybody can learn from.”

Fun fact about yourself?
“I’m a die hard Vancouver Canucks fan, through the good and the bad times. Alex Burrows is a legend!”

Favorite place travelled for tennis?
“Key Biscane, Florida. The views are absolutely breathtaking!”

What inspires you to train everyday?
“It makes me so happy to be on court because I love playing! I have goals I want to achieve and training with 100% effort everyday will put me one step closer to accomplishing them.”

Guilty pleasures?
“Ice cream!!! Who doesn’t love ice cream?!”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
“Just staying relaxed. I like to shadow swing and get in the zone before my match while listening to tropical house music!”

Jessie has made it to the Quarter finals for Singles and the Semi finals for Doubles. Keep up the good work Jessie!