Richmond, BC – Tennis enthusiasts will now have a well lit place to play and keep warm next winter. The new Richmond Tennis Club bubble due to be installed in the fall of 2020 will provide access to indoor tennis during the winter months for members, the public at large, wheelchair athletes and youth in the community.

With support from the Province of BC, the City of Richmond and its membership, the Richmond Tennis Club will be replacing their 28-year-old bubble in the fall of 2020. Over the past two years the club has invested a great deal of time and energy into making this project a reality. Kim Jensen the President of the club said, “This was the culmination of 3 years of effort on the part of our Capital Projects Committee.”

Richmond Tennis Club applied successfully for a matching funds Provincial Gaming Grant. This allowed their savings over many years to finally purchase a new bubble from the premier Canadian manufacturer of air supported structures, the Farley Group of Ontario.

They worked closely with City of Richmond staff, councillors and Mayor. Support from the City of Richmond will enable the club to do necessary modifications to the fencing, replace or renovate their storage and mechanical sheds and do minor repairs to the bubble foundation.

The club is looking forward to having a new bubble with its state of the art lighting and mechanical systems and handicapped accessible entrance. This will enable the club to offer tennis programs to members and non-members alike in a modern up to date facility.

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