New Membership Options Explained

Last month we announced the opening of Tennis BC Hub @ Richmond, a public tennis facility operated by Tennis BC in Richmond set to open in March. Along with the new facility, we also launched a new membership platform through our new Tennis BC Hub website. To help you, our members, better navigate the new and exciting additions to tennis in BC, we wanted to explain the new membership options available to you. 

In the past, there was only one way to sign up to be a member of Tennis BC: through the Tennis Canada Tournament Software system. This system works great for tournament players; however, it does not cater to those players who only play league. We are excited to now provide multiple levels of Tennis BC membership based on your specific needs.  

Membership Options 

For League Players
With the 2020 league season just around the corner, many of you will need to register or renew your Tennis BC memberships to participate in the League. The new membership option, called Tennis BC League Player License, gives you a license to play in the league. It is geared towards players who only play in the provincial league and do not play sanctioned tournaments. The primary benefit of this membership option is a substantial cost savings. The League Player License fee is $25.00 (plus tax) for an annual membership, compared to a full Tennis BC membership which has a cost of $50.50. 

In the past, whether you only played league, or you played sanctioned events, you had to pay the full membership fee. Now, we’re letting you decide what suits your needs best. Sign up for a Tennis BC League Player License today 

For Tournament Players
Many of you play in both the provincial league and sanctioned tournaments year-round. If this is the case, there are no changes to your membership requirements. Tournament players will need to make sure their Tennis BC full membership is current and active through the Tennis Canada Tournament Software system 

Gold Club Members
For those of you who are members of a Tennis BC Gold Club, you receive a Tennis BC full membership through your club membership from year to year. As long as your club membership is in good standing, your Tennis BC full membership is active and ready to use. To find out if your club is a Gold Club, click here. (Simply locate your club by region and view your club’s “category” in the club description).  

If your club is not a Gold Club or you are not a member of a Gold Club, pick one of the membership options listed above. If you know your Tennis BC full membership is still active, there is no action required from you until your membership renewal deadline.  

The new Tennis BC membership options allow players to tailor their enrollment needs. With the ongoing growth of tennis in our province and country, it is important that we continue to make changes to accommodate, facilitate and continue that growth.  

Tennis BC Hub @ Richmond Booking Card 

In addition to the Tennis BC membership options above, we are currently offering a complimentary 24-hour booking card for our new indoor four-court facility in Richmond. Once Tennis BC Hub @ Richmond opens its doors to the public (scheduled for March 2020), booking card holders will be able to book an indoor court 24-hours in advance at no additional charge to the standard court fee. Sign up for a Tennis BC Hub @ Richmond 24-Hour book card 

A 7-Day advance booking card will be available in the future. To be the first to know about the availability of these booking cards, sign up for a 24-hour advance booking card today. Limited quantities will be available. 

Tennis BC Hub is a public tennis facility with the goal of providing accessible and inclusive tennis programs, indoor court bookings, and tournaments for the public of all ages and levels. It is located at 10251 St Edwards Drive in Richmond, BC. The facility is currently undergoing an update, including court resurfacing and new lighting. The doors are set to open in March. Learn more and be a part of the Hub today!