Community Tennis Leagues 101: Who, what, where, why and how?  

Community Tennis Leagues are coming to Canada, and you’ll be able to experience it right here in BC! You might be wondering, “What is a Community Tennis League and why should I care?” The answer is simple: it will revolutionize recreational tennis for players across Canada. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

What is a Community Tennis League?  

The main goal of Community Tennis Leagues is to provide a platform to allow players to connect with others to organize matches at their local courts.

The idea is simple: you can play anytime, anywhere, and most important against players of a similar skill level. You can track your tennis journey on our online platform, where your matches and scores help us pair you with the right playing partners in your community!

How will my progress be tracked? 

After your first few registered matches, your ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) will be automatically generated. The WTN is a global initiative led by the ITF with the goal of bringing the international tennis community together. With the help of a global rating scale, your WTN will be updated weekly based on your results, allowing you to pair up with the perfect playing partners.  

By making sure that you’re playing consistently and against players of similar skill levels, your game will be taken to new heights. 

Why do we need Community Tennis Leagues?  

One of the biggest issues recreational tennis players face across Canada is simple: a lack of playing opportunities. It can be tough to find friends or family willing to play tennis regularly, let alone finding players at a similar skill level who can provide quality matchplay.

Community Tennis Leagues will help bridge that gap. By connecting players based on their skill level (WTN) and location, CTL will help make tennis more accessible and enjoyable to Canadians across the country as we continue to grow the sport. 

Where can I find Community Tennis Leagues?  

Currently, Community Tennis Leagues are available in municipalities across British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec and will soon be available in municipalities all across the country!  

Who can participate in Community Tennis Leagues? 

Community Tennis Leagues are open to anyone 18 plus who has created a free recreational account on our platform. Registration is easy and can be completed by visiting our website here