This past month, we kicked off the first of three Indoor Junior Selection Series for qualification to the 2018 Provincial Team. These National Selection Series tournaments will determine which players will be going on to represent BC at nationals in the spring.

Stand out results from the three weekends of play in November included:

U12 Category

Boys Champion Denny BaoBoys Finalist  Danny Yassine

Girls Champion Gabriella Vannessa LindgrenGirls Finalist Diana Craciun

U14 Category

Boys Champion  Henry RenBoys Finalist Christopher Radloff

Girls Champion Vicki HuangGirls Finalist  Isabelle Zhu

U16 Category

Boys Champion  Isaac DeeBoys Finalist  Nicholas Hayton

Girls Champion  Stefanie Faith Frias Da SilvaGirls Finalist  Chae Eun Yoo

U18 Category

Boys Champion  Jared MacleanBoys Finalist  Raul Robai

Girls Champion  Chiho MushikaGirls Finalist  Bozana Loipur

Tennis BC would like to congratulate all the athletes that participated for their effort and hard work on the court over the past 3 weeks!

Full results can be found on the tournament page here.