Did you know only 12% of kids get the recommended amount of activity each day?

To keep kids and families active and engaged during this period of physical distancing, we’ve partnered with the 60 Minute Kids’ Club to provide tools & resources to support the entire family. Access to this fun and engaging program is being made available FREE to all of you at this time. You can take part in the comfort of you own home!

What is the 60 Minutes Kids’ Club?

The 60 Minute Kids Club is a unique activation program designed to support the development of physical literacy & health strategies. The program consists of two tools that track, record & report healthy behaviors & fundamental movement skills for kids ages 5-14 years old.
This is what the kids’ club looks like in schools.

Who is it for?

Normally reserved for schools, we’ve arranged for the Kids’ club to open registration to include participation as a family, team, club or organization FREE OF CHARGE.

Tennis BC Challenging YOU

In an effort to help kids stay active and develop healthy habits, we are challenging your family to a 30-day challenge. Whether you are a family, team or club, you can participate!

Challenge #1:  April 1 – 30, 2020
Challenge #2: May 1 – 31, 2020

Where can I participate? 

Using technology for good! This program is available to those who wish to participate on-line. While the format will differ from the traditional school challenge format of the past 10 years, the trackers can still help families establish / maintain healthy habits as well as learn how to develop proper movement skills which are an important component in supporting the development of physical literacy.

How do I get started? Step by Step Guide
  1. Watch the 60MKC Launch Video to understand the program ‘why’
  2. Click on the registration link and follow the instructions
    • Access this through the ‘school’ section. Your organization is Tennis BC. Can’t find it? Contact us for support!
  3. Each night, before the kids go to bed, login to the platform with your username & password) and track your healthy habits. At the younger ages, doing this together will increase the likelihood of completion.
  4. You get to choose how often to track: every day, every other day or only weekdays. It’s your preference. This experience is all about you vs you. You’re not being compared to anyone else.
  5. The fundamental movement skills can help you learn the basic skills you will need to be successful in movement, sport and life! Work as a team to assess where you are across the fundamental movement skills proficiency, watch the 2min video for each skill and then JUST GO PLAY! Putting these skills into free-play-practice.
  6. At the end of the month, the top 10 performances will be recognized and awarded a HEAD prize package.

Parents: We’ve got something for you too!  A free at home healthy habits manual for you to access if / when & where you see fit. Recommendations, training plans and 30 days of healthy recipes from the Kids’ club partners.


Let’s spread the word! We want to see how you are getting active. Tag @TennisBC and your club, using the #FitForTheFuture.

Additional FREE Resources:
  1. Learn about Physical Literacy
  2. Learn about Fundamental Movement Skills
  3. 60Minkidsclub @ Home Guide for parents

Together, we can keep kids engaged in activity that promotes physical and mental well-being during times of crisis. If you have questions about the platform / process, please direct them to our 60Minkidsclub partners matt@60minkidsclub.org. For all other questions contact Sarah Kadi skadi@tennisbc.org.

Sign up for the challenge today!