The Provincial Health Officer has recently issued an updated order with more stringent restrictions for at least the next two (2) weeks. You can read the Provincial Health Officer Order here.  This order applies to all communities that fall within the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Regions. Further information can also be read in the viaSport statement.

Although there are more specific restrictions with regard to gatherings and travel, please note that this order has not changed the fact that we are still in Phase 3.  The order states that providing an activity can be performed while still allowing everyone to maintain a safe physical distance, that activity is still allowed.  Indoor group physical activities, such as tennis, can still be played if proper Covid-19 protocols are followed.

While each club must determine what is best for their members, and each player must determine what is best for themselves, Tennis BC would like to offer this information as a guide and resource for making those decisions.  Please also refer to our website for our PREVENTATIVE & PROTECTIVE MEASURES FOR YOUR CLUB OR FACILITY FOR RECREATIONAL PLAY as these guidelines are still in place at this time.

Our health and safety are paramount.  We must continue to follow all Covid-19 restrictions, guidelines, and protocols in order to minimize the spread of this virus.  We are very fortunate that our wonderful sport of tennis lends itself naturally to physical distancing so that when we put the proper protective measures in place, we can continue to enjoy playing throughout these difficult times.

Wishing you safety in sport,

Tennis BC