Rogers First Set Tour - Rising Stars 30 Mar - 31 Mar Tennis BC – U9/U10 Rising Stars Easter Doubles (March 30-31) The Hub @ Richmond Richmond, BC

tournament info

Date: Saturday, March 30th, to Sunday, March 31st

Location: TennisBC Hub @ Richmond, 10251 St Edwards Dr, Richmond, BC


U9 Mixed Doubles (Orange ball, 3/4 court with singles sidelines) – 16 players max

U10 Girls Doubles (Green ball, full court) – 16 players max

U10 Boys Doubles (Green ball, full court) – 16 players max.


U9: Saturday (12pm-3pm)

U10 Boys: Saturday (3pm -6pm)

U10 Girls: Sunday (1pm – 4pm)


Register via the website here: Tournament Link – Please read the Tournament Regulations before entering. Due to this being a larger event, registration will close two weeks before.

  • Register with a partner: Players can specify their preferred partner during the registration process. Both partners need to register individually, indicate their partner, and make payment for a complete entry. If one partner is randomly selected in the lottery, both players will be put in the main draw
  • OR
  • Register as an individual: When you register and are prompted to select your doubles partner, type into the Partner Name that you are “looking for a partner“, and the tournament team will pair you up with someone after the main draw is posted, no problem.

Entry open: Friday, February 16th (08:00am)**

Entry close: Friday, March 15th (11:59 p.m.)

Withdrawal deadline: Wednesday, March 20th (11:59 p.m.)

** Acceptance is by random lottery. Not first come, first served. Entry is open for four weeks. All entries are equally considered up until the registration deadline, no matter the time of entry. The random draw will be posted the day after entry closes. Players on the reserve list will receive a full refund after the tournament is complete.

The U9/U10 circuit is for more advanced competitors who have played in a minimum of 3 Rookie Tours. To learn more about which tournament to play and how to enter, please visit our parent resources and competitive structure pathway.

Other Useful Information: More info on the U9/U10 Tournament CircuitPolicy for Late Withdrawal and Failure to Complete Required Tournament Events, Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches

Tournament Contact: Jazmin Zastera,