Junior Non Ranking Events 01 Jul - 30 Sep South Island Summer Junior League 2023 Oak Bay Recreation Centre Victoria, BC

tournament info

This is a League organized by Oak Bay Recreation Centre. This is a self-organized league, where players need to schedule their own matches at a time that works best for the players. They may schedule their matches anytime, and anywhere (e.g. public park, rec centre, private club etc.).

Each match is a sanctioned match. It does not contribute to the Tennis BC points race or Tennis Canada rankings, but will count towards building their World Tennis Number (WTN).



Session 1 (JULY): Saturday, July 1st – Sunday, July 30th (last day to enter scores)

Session 2 (AUGUST): Tuesday, August 1st – Wednesday, August 30th (last day to enter scores)

Session 3 (SEPTEMBER): Friday, September 1st –  Saturday, September 30th (last day to enter scores)


All boxes will be posted the day before your league starts. Contact information for your opponents is available on the website (click on the players name in your box to find their contact info).


Event: Singles only – (must be at Level 2+ Junior player (i.e. must know how to play))

Format: Best of 3 sets (3rd set is 10-pt match tie break)

Cost: $15 per session (payment via Paypal on the registration website)


No paid membership is required.  Sign up as a free recreational player here if you do not yet have a Tennis BC membership.


Register here at the REGISTRATION LINK

Junior League will be encouraged to play one match every week. Matches will be organized by the players themselves. Time is flexible, so you may play anytime and anywhere.





  1. More match play
  2. Practice what they learn from their privates and group lessons.
  3. Learn to set up their own matches and meet other kids.


Box format:

  • Box ladder (players will be move up and down the ladder each session)
  • 4 or 5 players per box
  • 4 matches per session (1 month)
  • Round robin – players will play all others within their box.
  • All scores must be submitted before the end of the session



  • ON YOUR TENNIS BC ACCOUNT PROFILE, PLEASE PROVIDE US WITH YOUR CORRECT EMAIL AND PHONE/TEXT INFO. Contact information is available when you click on your opponents name in the box.
  • This is a self-organized league. Matches are arranged between the participants on their own, at an agreed time. Location can be anywhere the 2 parties agree upon, ie public parks, Rec centers, private clubs etc.
  • Both competitors need to bring balls.  The winning player keeps the new can of balls and the losing player takes the used balls.
  • When matches are complete, the winner has the responsibility to submit the score to the League website. These can be submitted after the match, no need to submit on site. If you need to edit a score, please email Joel (tennis_tl@oakbay.ca)
  • All round-robin matches should be completed by the end of the session. We will look at the results and regroup the kids accordingly. When the next session starts, the process will repeat itself.



  1. Minimum time per outing should be 90 min., proper scoring with Ads, if 3rd set is required, play a 10- point super tiebreaker
  2. Warmup – 10 min max.
  3. Parents should not be involved in match play
  4. Total games “for and against“ will also be evaluated.


Joining and Withdrawing

  • Players must enter before the entry deadline for each session. If a player wants to withdraw their entry, it is their responsibility to do so before the withdrawal deadline.
  • Organizers reserve the right to withdraw players that did not complete their matches, were unavailable to play or for unsportsmanlike conduct. (PLEASE ACT RESPECTFULLY AT ALL TIMES)
  • Matches and leagues will run through summer/fall.


Community Involvement

  • This league may expand to include willing adults who want to play and help our juniors.


Wrap Up party

  • Our goal is to foster and grow our junior tennis community in the South island!
  • At the end of the summer, we will have a wrap-up party (Prizes, awards, food, games etc)