Rogers First Set Tour - Rookie 14 Jul - 14 Jul Rookie – 10 & Under (Orange Ball) 12 & Under (Green Ball) 14 & Under (Regular Ball) – Sunday 14th July @ Coquitlam Tennis Club Coquitlam Tennis Club 1240 Pipeline Road, Coquitlam, BC

tournament info

This tournament is organized and run by Coquitlam Tennis Club.                   

It is sanctioned by Tennis BC.

Date: Sunday 14th July

Events:  10 and under (Orange Ball) /12 and under (Green ball) / 14 and under (Regular Ball)

Location: 1240 Pipeline Road, Coquitlam, BC

Tournament time: 9.00 am – 6.00pm (players will be notified of scheduled match times if accepted into the event)

We do not accept entries asking for specific match times – players are expected to be available during the day of the event.

The younger players will play in starting in the morning with the older players being the last events during the day.

When signing up for the tournament, please be aware that its schedule is weather-dependent. We will keep you updated with any changes.

Enter this event online here:

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DO NOT REFER to the Tennis Canada tournament page above for information about the event or entry deadlines; it is only used for registering for the event; showing  player schedules and recording results.

All the relevant information about this event including the entry deadline is shown below.

Please read Tournament Regulations before entering.

Entry opens: Saturday 22nd June 8.00am

Closing / Withdrawal deadline: Sunday 7th July 11.59pm

Main Draw player invite email sent Monday prior to the event this will included payment instructions- All entry fees to be collected by Wednesday prior to the event.

Withdrawal’s: Once accepted into an event any withdrawal will be classed as a late withdrawal as per tournament regulations posted on the event listing unless on the reserve list.

Policy for Late Withdrawal and Failure to Complete Required Tournament Events

Reserve list players have up to 12pm Wednesday prior to the event to withdraw (if still on reserve after this time there is an expectancy to be available and ready to play the event)

Registration fee: $35 – registration must be done online – payment instructions will be sent after entry confirmation email after the entry deadline has closed.

Applicable Information to note prior to entering the event

  • Acceptance is prioritised for those who are entering a Rookie Tour event for the first time and those players who have only competed in Rookie Tour events prior to the event.
  • NB – players who have participated in five or more Orange-Green Ball Rising Stars Circuit events are not eligible to play in Rookie Tour. These players will be placed on an exclude list so as to notify them that they have met the maximum number of events to be eligible for the Rookie Tour.

Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches

For information about this level of event, please visit our homepage:

Rogers First Set Tour  – Rookie (

  • Players will need a Tennis BC “recreational” membership to enter these events.
  • This type of membership is free.
  • Please follow this link for information on how to sign up for a recreational membership:

Instructions-for-setting-up-your-Tennis-BC-account-recreational.pdf (

NB All new memberships will need to complete their registration by providing proof of age documentation to Tennis BC by emailing:

Tournament Contact: