NTRP 07 Jul - 23 Apr 91st National Bank Stanley Park Open – NTRP Stanley Park Tennis Courts Vancouver

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*Please read regulations carefully*

MWsdx Open (OPEN1000/1000)
MWsdx 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0
MWsd 2.5


NTRP Group 1: MW Singles 4.5, 3.5, 2.5; MW Doubles & Mixed Doubles 4.0, 3.0
Tournament schedule: July 7 to July 16, 2023 (Friday to Sunday)

NTRP Group 2: MW Singles 4.0, 3.0; MW Doubles & Mixed Doubles 4.5, 3.5, 2.5
Tournament schedule: July 15 to July 23, 2023 (Saturday to Sunday)


Tournament Times:

Weekdays – 5pm to 10pm (NTRP)
Weekends – 8 am to 10 pm (OPEN/NTRP)


NTRP EVENTS: Singles $70; Doubles $60 per player

BALLS: ProPenn Marathon

LOCATION: 8901 Stanley Park Dr, Vancouver




REFUNDS: Player must withdraw prior to the withdrawal deadline in order to be eligible for a full refund. All refund requests received after the withdraw deadline will be eligible for a refund minus a $20 admin fee if the request is made prior to the draw being made. Refunds will not be issued once the draw has been made. All refund will be processed 14 days after the tournament is over.


2023 Ineligibility
Players who have won the same category twice within 24 months of the tournament start date will no longer be eligible to play that category and have to compete in a higher event. Doubles players are also ineligible to play in the same category, regardless of partnership pairings. Tournament Committee reserves the right to place players in their proper category. In certain circumstances, players may apply to Tennis BC for a waiver that permits them to play in an event for which they have been listed as ineligible. Please direct any such request to Tennis BC.

2021-2023 Ineligibility List


Tournament scheduling & avoidance contact: Ute Buffotot utebuffotot@gmail.com

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