If you are interested in becoming an official, or if you require a certified official for your event please email abees@tenniscanada.com

The Tennis Canada Officiating Program

The Tennis Canada Officiating Program was implemented in 1999 to standardize and regulate officiating across Canada. This program is responsible for the education, certification, designation, and evaluation of all tennis officials in Canada, and works closely with the Tennis BC and the BC Officiating Committee in the training and co-ordination of officials within the Province.

In the past year, more than 45 BC officials worked provincially, nationally, and internationally. Introductory and Intermediate Training Clinics are held each year in various BC locations. Work assignments (local, national and international) are based on experience, training, and performance. For high school students, graduation credits (External Credential Program), are available through officiating and numerous CAPP hours can be completed by volunteering at tournaments.

Tennis officiating is comprised of a variety of different functions:

Line Umpire:

This official is primarily used at professional events. As a member of the on-court officiating team, the line umpire assists the chair umpire in determining if a ball falls within or outside of the boundaries of the court.

Chair Umpire:

Responsible for all aspects of the match to which he/she is assigned, the chair umpire applies the Rules of Tennis, Code of Conduct, and Tournament Regulations on court, either as a solo chair umpire or working with a lines crew.

Roving Umpire:

The roving umpire exercises jurisdiction over more than one court at a time in the case of matches played without a chair umpire. His/her duties are similar to those of a chair umpire – and also include working with the Tournament Committee to ensure that assigned courts are ready for play, resolving scoring disputes, controlling spectators, parents, and coaches.


The referee is the final on-site authority for the interpretation of the Tournament Rules, Code of Conduct, Rules of Tennis, and all aspects of play. The referee is an integral part of the Tournament Committee and ensures that the event is organized in a fair manner according to the Tennis Canada guidelines. All sanctioned events are required to have a referee on site while play is in progress.

Chief of Officials:

At larger or professional events, the line and chair umpires are often hired and managed by a chief of officials who may also be responsible for training and evaluation of the officials during the event.