Congratulations to all the BC junior players who participated in the Rogers Junior Nationals that took place over the last couple of weeks hosted at various indoor venues across the country! This year’s U12, U14, U16 and U18 events were held in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Markham respectively, and team BC showed overall great performances.

BC Juniors Crowned National Champions


Team BC showed some strong playing and some great talent bringing home the titles in the U12 Boys Singles, U12 Boys Doubles and U18 Boys Singles categories. Congratulations to BC champions Danny Yassine, Denny Bao, Danielle Tuhten and Chih Chi (Jerry) Huang for their stellar results. Danny Yassine won both the U12 Boys Singles and U12 Boys Doubles event playing alongside Denny Bao in the doubles, Danielle Tuhten won the U14 Girls Doubles title and Chih Chi (Jerry) Huang won the U18 Boys Singles title.

Team BC Roster

Congratulations to all the team BC players and all the coaches involved. BC is off to a great start to the tennis season!

U12 Boys Team | Denny Bao, Danny Yassine, Matthew Dubas, Connor Church, Antoine Villeger, Aidan Cameron

U12 Girls Team | Gabriella Vannessa Lindgren, Diana Craciun, Anelle Margaret Tait, Veronica Dee, Quinn Davison

Team BC Coaches | Sarah Kadi, Carl Ho

U14 Boys Team | Henry Ren, Lachlan Robertson, Aron Pilbart, Christopher Radloff, Killian Jean-Mairet, Stewart Aronson

U14 Girls Team | Danielle Tuhten, Vicki Huang, Isabella Asenov, Jenny Klenner, Isabelle Zhu, Alessia Cau

Team BC Coaches | Sarah Kadi,  Nicole McLennan

U16 Boys Team | Keita Duclos, Aron Pilbart, Aram Noroozian, Jackson Boone, Lachaln Robertson

U16 Girls Team | Chae Eun Yoo, Stefanie Frias Da Silva, Grace Haugen, Leena Bennetto, Hana Cho

Team BC Coaches | Peter Grimsey, Joe Wood

U18 Boys Team | Luka Vukovic, Jared Maclean, Raul Dobai, Stefan Mitrovic, Calvin Thalheimer, Jerry Huang

U18 Girls Team |Bozana Lojpur, Stefanie Da Silva, Alexandra Nielsen, Lucia Emily Kristof

Team BC Coaches | Graeme Kassautzki, Zack Ohlin


Complete Results & Draws

U12 | U14 | U16 | U18

Team BC results highlights

U12 Boys Singles Champion Danny Yassine

U12 Boys Singles 3rd Place Denny Bao

U12 Boys Doubles Champions Danny Yassine & Denny Bao

U12 Boys Doubles Finalists Connor Church & Matthew Dubas

U14 Boys Singles 3rd Place Aron Pilbart

U14 Boys Singles 5th Place Henry Ren

U14 Boys Singles 7th Place Lachlan Robertson

U14 Boys Singles 8th Place Christopher Radloff

U14 Boys Sinles 11th Place Stewart Aronson

U14 Boys Doubles 3rd Place Aron Pilbart & Lachlan Robertson

U14 Boys Doubles 4th Place Christopher Radloff & Henry Ren

U14 Girls Singles 4th Place Danielle Tuhten

U14 Girls Singles 11th Place Vicki Huang

U14 Girls Doubles Champions Danielle Tuhten (BC) & Dharani Niroshan (ON)

U16 Girls Singles 5th Place Leena Bennetto

U18 Boys Singles Champion Chih Chi (Jerry) Huang

U18 Boys Singles 4th Place Raul Dobai


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