Two weeks ago we caught up with up and coming junior Lexa Nielsen. This week, we are featuring Canada’s most recent U14 national champion, Jovan Sihota. Check out what the Vancouver Island native had to say about his most recent Tennis Canada-lead ITF Tour down in Central America

How did you get selected for this tour? How long is it, where did you go, what tournaments did you play? Is this your first international tour playing for Canada or have you been on any before?

I got selected by Tennis Canada. Just over 2 weeks. We were in Guatemala and El Salvador. We played 2 G4 ITFS. No I have been on many tours playing for Canada.

What’s the biggest thing you have learned on this trip on the court?

To always do a full warm up so I can start off fast and strong.

What’s the biggest thing you have learned on this trip off the court?

When I do my cool down, don’t try to be around distractions; [stay] disciplined.

What’s the biggest difference competing in BC or Canada VS competing at international ITFs?

You get to play different players, get to see how they play, how they train and what they do.

Knowing what you know now at the end of the tour, what advice would you give yourself if it were Day 1 of the tour?

Always be on top of what I do!

What did an average day on this specific ITF Tour look like?

Get up at 7am,  eat breakfast, go to the club, warm up, play our match, eat lunch, train again in the afternoon, do some fitness, eat dinner, and go to bed.

How did you manage being away from school and/or handling school work on the road?

I go to a sport school so they try not to give me much homework and we get time to do it [while on the road].

What was your favourite part (on or off court)?

I didn’t have a favourite, I loved every moment

What’s next for you after this tour?

Nationals and the Burlington ITF.

Tennis BC wishes Jovan and all our BC juniors the best of luck in the upcoming 2017 Rogers Junior Indoor Nationals!