British Columbia – On December 14th 2019, Tennis BC hosted the Future Stars Year-End Party and Team Tennis Event at the North Vancouver Tennis Centre. The event included a U9 and U10 team tennis competition, off-court challenges for the players to participate in, a pizza lunch, and a prize presentation for the 2019 Future Stars Circuit winners. Thank you to North Vancouver Tennis Centre and their staff for allowing us to host this event at their wonderful facility. A further thank you to all Tennis BC staff and volunteers who supported the event and made it a great day for all the participants!

Tennis BC would like to thank all the players who participated in the Future Stars Year-End Event and all the players who competed in Future Stars tournaments throughout the 2019 season. We would also like to thank all tournament organizers, coaches, and clubs that hosted events in 2019 and supported the Future Stars Circuit. We hope to see you all at Tennis BC events in 2020!


Throughout the day at NVTC, players competed in a team tennis event. Teams of 4 were created and players competed in both singles and doubles. Each game won scored a point for the player’s team. In the U9 competition, Team Canada represented by Luca Vicol, Kristian Nygaard, Branden Chen and Liam De La Cruz won the event. In the girls U10 competition, Team Barty took home the victory. Team Barty was featured Albenna Dineva, Katinka Hansen, Clara Vicol, and Diana Andrei. In the boys U10 competition, Team Federer came out on top. Team Federer consisted of Louis Rapoport, Sadra Bajoghli, James Giffen, and William Chen. Congratulations to all boys and girls who took part in the team event!


During the prize presentation, Tennis BC recognized the top 5 players in both the female and male U9 and U10 categories. These awards are given to the players who accumulated the most ranking points according to the Future Stars leaderboard throughout 2019. A sportsmanship award for each category was also presented.

Girls U9 Prizes:

1. Clara Vicol

2. Victoria Chukhlomina

3. Mila Ajdukovic

4. Kayla Lee

5. Leanne Fong

6. Mila Ajdukovic- sportsmanship award

Boys U9 Prizes

1. William Chen

2. Matthew Kofmansky

3. Tate Parker

4. Ashton Altman

5. Ethan Guo

6. Matthew Kofmansky- sportsmanship award

Girls U10 Prizes:

1. Amy Shen

2. Leah Yeung

3. Melissa Wang

4. Katelyn Hong

5. Elysia Luo

6. Leah Yeung- sportsmanship award

Boys U10 Prizes:

1. Luca Vicol

2. Jason Zhang

3. Leonardo Zhou

4. Deryk Cheung

5. Markus Chin

6. Nate Barkman- sportsmanship award

View more photos from the event here!