James Forrester – Recipient of the On-Court Officiating Excellence Award! Photographed here at the US Open.

We are proud to announce two BC officials are recipients of the 2018 Tennis Canada Officiating Excellence Awards:

Ute Buffotot – Erica Gilbert Off-Court Officiating Excellence Award

James Forrester – On-Court Officiating Excellence Award

Ute (photographed below) will be the Referee for the U14 Rogers Indoor Junior Nationals, which start Saturday, March 30th and run through until Friday, April 5th. Ute also received her ITF White Badge Referee Certification at the end of last year in the Dominican Republic.

James has had the opportunity to travel to multiple tournaments overseas as a Line Umpire including the US Open (photographed above). He has also been selected for the 2019 Wimbledon Qualifying event.

We appreciate Ute and James’ passion for tennis and we are honoured to have distinguished referees in our community in BC!

Ute Buffotot – Recipient of the 2018  Erica Gilbert Off-Court Officiating Excellence Award