2019 Selection Series #1
Selection #1 will be opened for registration at 12:00 am on Friday October 5. Entry will be closed at 11:59 pm on Friday October 26.

NEW to 2019 Selection Series tournaments:
Single elimination to all Qualifying and Main Draw matches. No consolations to all events.
Main Draw for 16 players will include Singles and Doubles events.
Playoffs of 3-8 position will be offered to Main Draw Singles.
For 2019 Team BC Indoor National Selection document, click here.
To register, click here.

Playing “up” in 2-Star and 3-Star Tournaments
Players who are ranked top 20 and top 25 of one age group below to be eligible to play up in 3Star and 2Star events respectively.
Play up restriction is however opened to 2019 aged up players for tournaments between October 15 to December 31.
The order of acceptance:

– players in their 2018 primary age group
– players who meet the play up requirement as described above
– players in their 2019 age group i.e.
U14 – 2006
U16 – 2004
U18 – 2002

For details about 2Star and 3Star tournament, visit the 2-Star Development page or the 3-Star Competition page.