Congratulations to local LWSPO veterans and 2017 Men’s Open Singles Finalists! Get to know George and Henry a little bit better below as we sat down with them for a quick chat last weekend:

George Jecminek

  • George started playing tennis at 5 years old in Czech Republic and moved to Vancouver in 1996.
  • Career highlights: reached 825 in ATP singles ranking, and winning Stanley Park Open for a few years.
  • Best career moments: winning his 1st ATP point in Quebec
  • What do you like about LWSPO?
    • “Good atmosphere. You run into everyone who plays tennis. Good competition and good support.”
  • He finished his Business degree and is planning to take his CPA. He wishes to become a CEO or CFO one day.
  • Off the court, George likes to play with his dog.

Henry Choi

  • How do you feel about getting in the finals for both singles and doubles?
    • “I’m a little tired but also excited for tomorrow.”
  • You were in the finals last year at Stanley Park. What’s your expectation tomorrow?
    • “I’m always expecting to win every  year. Stanley Park is a special tournament for me. I was fortunate to win it 3 or 4 times. Hopefully I can do it again tomorrow.”
  • Henry was born in Toronto. He started playing tennis at 6 years old in Hamilton, Ontario, and moved to Vancouver in 2006.
  • At a young age, his mother found that he was an energetic kid and had him trying out a couple sports. Henry liked tennis the most because he enjoys the individual aspect of the game and likes being challenged.
  • Best career moments: The summer when his wife encouraged him to play on the pro tour. He ended up enjoying it and was able to gain an ATP ranking.
  • Henry is currently the head coach at Richmond Country Club. “I need be very patient as I work with a lot people. Managing people and making sure everyone is doing their job well. It’s definitely very different than being player and just focusing on my self. “
  • Off the court, Henry enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and two twin boys who just turned 2 years old.
  • Wimbledon prediction: Federer
  • Favorite player: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. “I respect them a lot and the way that they handle themselves on the court. It’s very impressive.”
  • Anything else you will like to share with us?
    • “Big thanks to everyone who helped organize this tournament. It’s a great atmosphere and definitely one of my favorite tournaments.”