Kamloops, BC – Last weekend (April 12-14, 2019) the Kamloops Tennis Centre hosted the U10 Interprovincial Team Event between Team BC and Team Alberta. Each tem consisted of 16 players in total, made up of 8 girls and 8 boys. To kick-off the weekend, all the players took part in a three-hour training session run by Coach Severine Tamborero, a Level-4 coach and Tennis Canada’s Director of U10 Tennis.

Tennis Canada’s Director of U10 Tennis mentoring U10 players from BC and Alberta in Kamloops last weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, the players competed in singles and doubles matches. In a team event format, each game won counted for one point towards each team’s overall score. Similar to Fed Cup or Davis Cup, coaching was permitted during matches. At the end of the weekend the total number of points were tallied up, with Team BC winning with 120 points!

On Saturday night, the players enjoyed a pizza dinner and trip to the arcade, where they played games and mini-golf. Though the players were off the court, their competitive spirits continued!

To conclude the weekend, the young players competed in a mixed doubles super-tiebreaker tournament. For this portion of the event, the BC and Alberta teams were inter-mixed, with each mixed doubles team consisting of one BC player and one Alberta player.

Team BC girls in Kamloops last weekend.

On behalf of the all the players, parents and coaches, we would like to the Kamloops Tennis Centre for hosting the event and making their facility available for this important re-grouping. A huge thank you to the Team BC Coaches: Tom McLean, Sarah Kadi and Daniella Silva. As well as, to the Team Alberta Coaches: Marc Colangeli and Marvin Hinds. We would like to extend our gratitude to Tennis Canada’s Severine Tamborero for taking the time attend this event and for sharing her invaluable experience and knowledge. Thank you to Sarah Kadi, Tennis BC’s Director of Player Development, for her effort in organizing and putting together this great event.

Last but not least, thank you to the parents and players for their participation and contribution to this successful weekend. Congratulations to both Team BC and Team Alberta!