April 27, 2023

Since 2015, Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel has been a valued partner of Tennis BC as the title sponsor of the Stanley Park Open, the largest public parks tournament in North America. The tournament has continued to grow over the years, thanks in part to Leith Wheeler’s dedicated support and enthusiastic participation.

The pandemic created challenges for many sports, but with strong support from Leith Wheeler, the Stanley Park Open not only survived, but continued to grow. Leith Wheeler was also instrumental in supporting Tennis BC’s partnership with the YMCA’s new immigrant and refugee program that provides these individuals with a positive experience in sport as part of developing community contacts after arriving in Canada.

It is for these reasons that Tennis BC is sorry that the relationship with Leith Wheeler is ending as we move to coordinate with Tennis Canada’s new strategic partnership plan for the next chapter. Tennis Canada, to consolidate branding with provincial organizations, has come to Tennis BC with a new Event Sponsor which will be announced at a later date.

Leith Wheeler, while understanding the need for this change of direction, remained committed to the event and will continue to be an important part of the legacy of the historic Stanley Park Open. Their hope is that the tournament will experience further growth, bringing even more excitement to its more than 1500 competitors and its thousands of spectators.

Tennis BC is eternally thankful to Leith Wheeler for their passionate involvement and generous support of the Stanley Park Open. Over the past eight years, the high-level tournament experience for players and spectators could not have been achieved without the generous contributions of Leith Wheeler.