Are you looking for a new way to play tennis? Do you want to meet some new playing partners of a similar level? What about winning some prizes into the bargain? Then read on! 

Tennis BC, in partnership with Tennis Canada, is excited to pilot a new program right here in  
Richmond—and you can be part of it! Community Tennis Leagues (CTL) create community connections through friendly matches with players of a similar level. Participants can track their matches, scores and progress and even win prizes along the way—just for completing matches! 

Who can play? 

Anyone over the age of 18 can play. Leagues registration is organised into three divisions based on skill level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

How does it work? 

Each player is put into a “box” with six to eight players. You can arrange matches to suit your schedules through provided contact info where and when you like. Play your match, enter your results online, and win prizes! 

It’s fun and a great way to meet new friends. Sign up today! 

Check out the website here for more information or to register: