Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 2018 Davis Trading Junior Indoor Provincial Championships over the past 2 weekends.

Below are the winners of the event.

U12 Category

Boys Champion Danny Yassine / Boys Finalist Denny Bao

Girls Champion Gabriella Vannessa Lindgren / Girls Finalist Diana Craciun


U14 Category

Boys Champion Aron Pilbart / Boys Finalist Lachlan Robertson

Girls Champion Vicki Huang / Girls Finalist Jenny Klenner


U16 Category

Boys Champion Keita Duclos / Boys Finalist Aron Pilbart

Girls Champion Chae Eun Yoo / Girls Finalist Alexandra Nielsen


U18 Category

Boys Champion Raul Robai / Boys Finalist Jared Maclean

Girls Champion Jessie Jiaxin Gong / Girls Finalist Jayden Nielsen


A list with the results for the U12 & U16 winners can be found here.

A list with the results for the U14 & U18 winners can be found here.