NTRP 23 Mar - 31 Mar 4th TTC Spring Championships – NTRP The Tennis Centre Surrey Surrey

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NTRP – MWsd 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

2019 Ineligibilty

  • Winners of 2 summer tournaments in 2 years are ineligible to compete in that same category throughout 2019, and are required to move up a competitive category (which may vary depending on the tournament).
  • Doubles players are also ineligible to play in the same category, regardless of partnership pairings. Tournament Committee reserves the right to place players in their proper category.
  • In certain circumstances, players may apply to Tennis BC for a waiver that permits them to play in an event for which they have been listed as ineligible. Please direct any such request to achung@tennisbc.org

2018 Events winners

Guideline for Unofficiated Matches

Tournament Link – Please read Tournament Regulations before entering.

Tournament Contact:
Peter Fan – peter@thetenniscentre.ca