Provincial Championship 22 Feb - 24 Feb 2019 Davis Trading Junior Indoor Provincial Championships (U16) Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club Vancouver

tournament info

Events: Boys and Girls U16 Singles and Doubles

Only players who are BC residents are eligible to compete in Davis Trading Junior Indoor Provincial Championships.

Entry into the BC closed Provincial Championships will be based off of the BC Indoor Selection series points race (best 2 out of 3 selection series results will be considered) with a maximum of 2 wild cards awarded for each category.

This is a Selection tournament to select players to play in 2019 Rogers Junior Indoor National Championships.
2019 age groups:

U12 – born in 2007 or later
U14 – born in 2006, 2005
U16 – born in 2004, 2003
U18 – born in 2002, 2001

Provincial Team BC Selection – 2019 Rogers Junior Indoor National Championships

Policy for Late Withdrawal and Failure to Complete Required Tournament Events

Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches

Tournament Linkentry is by invitation only. Do not enter if you are not invited. No refund will be made to any ineligible players