Organizing Tennis BC sanctioned tournaments is an important component of the competitive structure and provides a great opportunity for clubs to promote their facilities, attract new members, stimulate community involvement, and generate revenue. To maintain a high standard, it is essential that Tournament Directors and the host facilities comply with the sanctioning guidelines when hosting an event. Failure to comply will jeopardize the sanction status of any future tournaments. Please find all of the 2022 Tennis BC Sanctioning information and criteria below. To host a Tennis BC sanctioned event, please review the information below and return a completed copy of the 2022 Tennis BC Sanctioning Agreement to Ika Setyawati via email to

2022 Tennis BC Sanctioning Agreement

Appendix 1: Sanctioning Process for 2022 Tennis BC Junior Tournaments

Appendix 2: Sanction Criteria 2022

Appendix 3: Seeding Guidelines for NTRP and Senior Tournaments

Appendis 4: COVID-19 Related Regulations