Program Overview

These monthly programs are designed to support and assist selected athletes so they are able to implement quality training and competitive benchmarks outlined in the first four stages of development in the LTAD plan. In some cases, involvement with this program may be limited as the LTAD training and competitive guidelines may be met within the current club training environment. In other cases, involvement in the program may require more comprehensive support to meet these guidelines. Meetings will occur with club leaders, coaches, and parents, to communicate and agree, on the need to join this program if required. The LTAD and home-training environment will help all involved effectively evaluate the needs of each player on a case-by-case basis.

Program Goals

The goal of this supportive program is to work with club leaders and coaches to supplement current club training environments with the following few simple but crucial guiding principles and objectives:

  1. To regroup the top players to encourage them to train with a heightened sense of purpose and intensity while maintaining a strong focus towards competitive and physical preparedness both on and off the court.
  2. The program coaches will work in conjunction with personal coaches/parents to help optimize annual planning and management of these athletes to help meet the LTAD plan, training, and match guidelines, which includes an understanding of the competencies required to meet the highest standard on the LTAD pathway: Living as a Pro or Top 50 world rankings.

September 2015 – May 2016

Provincial Try Out Results

Provincial Program Acceptance List click here
If you have any questions please contact Charlie McLean (Director of Player Development) –

U10 and U12 players training camps run Saturdays and Sundays
U9: Due to low tryouts numbers we will not be running U9 camps this term but will look to start running them January 2016.

Provincial Training Camp Registration Link click here

September – March 2016 Revised Schedule
October 3-4 (training)
October 10-11 (competition) – CANCELLED
October 31-Nov 1 (training)
November 7-8 (competition) – new date
December 19-20 (training)
January 23-24 (training)
February 13-14 (training)