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There are countless young Canadian tennis players out there on our nation’s courts who can hit a blistering serve or a cannon of a backhand. But it takes more than natural talent to make it on the tennis circuit.

That’s where the Long Term Athletic Development plan comes in.

In an effort to foster both the love of the game and the talent of someone who could very well be tomorrow’s rising star, the plan is set out in 8 stages. Throughout these stages, young players learn that physical literacy is the foundation for being active, healthy and for achieving personal best performances at all levels of competition. In other words, even if they never make it to Wimbledon, we teach them how to get the most out of the game and how to play at their best. Our goal is to ensure that all who pick up the game have an opportunity to enjoy the lifetime benefits of playing.

Learn More about the Long Term Athlete Development Plan click here

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systematic approach being adopted by Tennis BC to maximize potential of athletes in our sport. It provides a framework for developing physical literacy, physical fitness and competitive ability, using a stage-by-stage approach.  Using the LTAD model, high performance begins at stage 4, “setting the foundation for the pursuit of excellence”.  Athletes, coaches and parents should closely adhere to this performance model with individual performance plans.

To download the High Performance Handbook click here

Physical Development Testing (6-10 year olds):
Physical Tests Standards (6-8 year olds)
Physical Tests Standards (9-10 year olds)

Physical Development Testing (11-14 year olds):
Physical Tests Standards (11-14 year olds)

Athlete Resources 
CSC Pacific / PacificSport Athlete Carding

General Criteria for all Athletes:

  • Must be a member in good standing with Tennis BC
  • Must meet qualification requirements mandated by Tennis Canada for National Team Programs
  • Must be tracking towards Level 1/1a according to tennis athlete development pathway (LTAD)
  • Has been on the high performance athlete pathway for a minimum of 2 years

Complete Athlete Carding Criteria Click here
Athletes Benefits Click here

2015 Targeted Athlete List

  • Rosie Johanson
  • Benjamin Sigouin
  • Kyryll Kryvchun
  • Oleksandra Gorchanyuk
  • Jerry Huang
  • Andreea Craciun
  • Eddie Wu
  • Jessie Gong
  • Stacey Fung
  • Felix Fan
  • Luka Vukovic
  • Alex Walker
  • Renee Ren
  • Michelle Lim
  • Matias Benedykczak
  • Jovan Sihota
  • Jared Maclean
  • Kiran Phaterpekar
  • Jack Davis
  • Allisandra Valk
  • Cassie Chung
  • Aaron Diemer
  • Neel Phaterpekar
  • Max Korkh
  • Juliet Zhang

Parent Information Presentations 

March 5, 2015 Presentation click here

BC Provincial Competitive Structure Event Pathway

Provincial Championships (U12 – U18)
Competing in the provincial championships (indoor/outdoor) is mandatory for any players wishing to represent BC at the respective Canadian National Championship.

There are 2 Junior Closed Provincial Championships head each year (1 indoor and 1 outdoor)

  • Invitations: based on results in the leading selection series events (points race)
  • Draws be limited to 16 players.
  • By Invitation Only – 14 direct entry based off of selection series events plus 2 wild cards
  • Singles Scoring format: best 2 out of 3 tie break sets with regular scoring
  • Doubles Scoring format: U12/U14 regular scoring with match tie-break, U16/U18 no-ad scoring with match tie break.

4 Star:  Selection Series Events (U12 – U18)

These series of events are for players on the road to competing in the provincial and national championships.

  • Indoor Season (December – April 2017)
    3 selection series events per age group leading to Indoor Provincial Championships
  • Outdoor Season (May – August 2017)
    3 Selection series events leading to Outdoor Provincial Championships

Points Race

  • There will be a separate points race for the indoor and outdoor season.
  • Players can accumulate points race points by competing in the main draw of the selection series events and the provincial championship (by invitation).
  • Players best 2 out of 3 selection series events plus provincials will be used as part of the national selection process.

Points Table:

Provincials Selection Series – MD Doubles Event
W 1000 500 150
F 600 300 90
3rd 445 223 67
SF(4th) 360 180 54
5th 305 153 46
6th 267 134 40
7TH 216 108 32
8TH 160 80 24
9 — 12 130 65 19
Round of 16 65 30 14

*Player must win a minimum of 1 match in order to receive any points race points


  • Where court time allows, selection series events will offer a qualifying event and a consolation.
  • Main Draw will be limited to 16 players (12 by direct entry)
  • Qualifying draw will not exceed 24 players based on age category (24 for Boys U12/U14, all other categories max draw of 16)
    • When a draw is limited to 24 players, 6 seeds will be placed in the draw.
    • When a draw is limited to 16 players, 4 seeds will be placed in the draw.
    • Qualifying draw must have a minimum of 8 players in order for it to be played. In the case that the event has limited subscriptions, 16 players will be placed directly into the main draw based on Rogers National Rankings at the time of entry deadline.
  • Players participating in the qualifying draw are guaranteed a min of 2 matches
  • Players entry cut off will be determined by the players Rogers National Rankings at the time of entry deadline.
  • Up to 2 main draw wildcards may be issued. This will be up to the discretion of the tournament committee.
  • Main Draw scoring format: best 2 out of 3 tie break sets with regular scoring
  • Consolation scoring format: regular scoring with match tie-break.

3 Star: Competition Series Events (U12 – U18)

These series of events are oriented towards more competitive and experienced players looking to enter the ranks of the top 30 in BC.

  • Scoring format: These events will use standard scoring, best of three sets.
  • Players are only guaranteed one match, however consolation rounds may be offered.
  • If draws are limited, priority given to player in their own age groups based on the Rogers National Rankings at time of entry deadline.
  • Playing up eligibility: Players ranked within the top 5 in their primary age category are eligible to play up 1 age category.
  • For a draws of 32 up to 4 wild cards may be issued, for draws of 16 up to 2 wild cards may be issued.

2 Star: Development Series Events (U12 – U18)

This series of events is designed for players wishing to compete beyond the Rogers Rookie Tour and Future Stars Tour. Players can now attain national ranking points in a tournament format.

  • Players are guaranteed 2 match play opportunities with modified scoring if necessary.
  • Players must be ranked 13 or lower in their own age group.
  • Playing up: players must be ranked 11 or higher in their primary age category in order to play up an age category.

Future Stars Tour (U9/U10)
The aim of the Future Stars Tour is to create competitive opportunities for the more advanced U9/U10 junior tennis player while encouraging participation.  The Future Stars Tour is for:

  • More experienced players who have competed in at least three to five U8/U10 Rogers Rookie Tour Events.
  • All matches will be best of three short sets up to 4 games, no-ad scoring, tie breaker up to 5 at 4 games all. In the event of third set, a match tie breaker up to 5 will be played.

Playing up (U9 players playing U10 events)

  • Players must play at appropriate age level unless:
    • They have won or made finals in at least 2 events at their appropriate age.
    • Example: A U9 player must win or have made the finals of 2 Orange Ball U9 Future Stars events before they are able to compete in a U10 Green Ball event.

Rogers Rookie Tour Events (U8 – U18)

A national program designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit.

  • All events in the Rogers Rookie Tour will be non-elimination tournaments.
  • Each player is guaranteed a minimum of three matches.
Ages / Levels Rookie Tour Future Stars
Red Ball Events 8U (8 and Under) No Future Star red events
Orange Ball Events 10U (10 and Under) U9
Green Ball Events 11+ (U12/U14/U16) U10

The Edward Siemens High Performance Bursary is presented annually by Tennis BC to provide assistance to competitive junior tennis players and help enhance their long-term development.

It is awarded to an individual or individuals who have participated in programs such as the Tennis BC high performance programs and have been selected or could be selected to represent BC as part of the Team BC Program.

Each award will be minimum of $250 up to a maximum of $2,000. Bursaries may be awarded to multiple athletes in any given year.

2018 Applications

If you are interested in applying for this bursary, please complete and submit the Edward Siemens High Performance Bursary application form found here.

Deadline for 2018 applications is February 28.

Donate to the Edward Siemens Memorial Tennis Fund

Help support future champions and develop the sport of tennis in BC, learn more about ways to donate and give at our Vancouver Foundation.