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Development 2Star ★★

2019 Age Groups:

U18 – 2001, 2002
U16 – 2003, 2004
U14 – 2005, 2006
U12 – 2007, 2008


Development Series (★★)

This series of events is designed for players wishing to compete beyond the Rogers Rookie Tour and Future Stars Tour. Players can now attain national ranking points in a tournament format.

All tournaments are sanctioned by Tennis BC. All entrants must hold a current Tennis BC membership or active membership of other PTA in Canada.

Players must be ranked 25 or higher at one age below to be eligible to play up in 2Star events and only play up one age group is allowed.
*The acceptance priority is given to the primary age group.

See below for Development 2Star Tournament information.

Tennis BC Transition 2Star Series (U12 and U14)

This series of transition tournaments, which started in 2017 Winter, offer play opportunities to players who have little tournament experience, or for players who are moving from green ball to regular ball competition. Compass or round robin with playoffs draw format is used to provide each players with 3 to 4 match play opportunities.


Tennis BC Transition 2Star tournaments uses the same acceptance criteria as all Development 2Star tournaments. In addition, 4 wild cards are issued to players who are placed on the reserve list of the previous tournament of the same series – in view of the fact that some of the players have no ranking to support a spot when draw size is limited due to court availability.

Three Tennis BC 2Star Series of events are offered each year: Winter, Spring, and Fall. These series of tournaments are only provided for U12 and U14 age categories (singles).  All Tennis BC 2Star Series tournaments are organized by Tennis BC.

See below for more Information of Tennis BC Transition 2Star Series

Ranking Points

The winner of such an event receives the same number of points as the finalist of a Competition 3Star Series ★★★ event.

Eligibility and acceptance criteria:

  • Players must be ranked 25 or higher in the age group below to be eligible to play up. Players are only eligible to play one age category up.
  • Draw size may be limited to 16
  • Host Club has the discretion to use 2 wild cards in the draw of 16.
  • Where draw size is limited, acceptance is based on the following selection criteria:
  1. Up to 2 wild cards will be given at the discretion of the host club
  2. Rogers National Ranking with the priority in their primary category. In 2019:
  • U12 – born in 2007, 2008
  • U14 – born in 2005, 2006
  • U16 – born in 2003, 2004
  • U18 – born in 2001, 2002

3. Players who are ranked top 25 of one age group below

Acceptance will be considered on the basis of merit, as determined by players’ rankings.

Draws and Match Format

Competitors are guaranteed two matches: either a main draw singles and first match loser consolation match or by way of Compass draw format.

Draw Format Single elimination with First Match loser consolation Compass Draw (3KO)
Match Format 2 regular tie-break sets with Full ad scoring. A deciding match tie-break (10-point) will be played to decide the match when the score in a match is one set all. 2 tie-break sets with Full ad scoring. A deciding match tie-break (10-point) will be played to decide the match when the score in a match is one set all.  Modified match format (Pro-set) may be used in consolation matches.

Short sets to 4 games will be used for U12 Competition.


Tournament Information:

  • Follow the link for Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches. Tennis BC has a no-tolerance policy towards abusive or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Players are required to check in at least 15 min before the match time and be ready to play. The match time is the time that you are ready on court, not the check in time. Tennis Canada lateness penalty will be enforced.
  • Warm up is 5 min. If you need longer warm up than 5 min, please do it before you come to play.
  • Players are required to play all the matches in the draw. LW/FC penalty applies.

*Reminder: It is violation of code of conduct to enter two tournaments in the same time period without prior permission of both Tournament Referees. Infraction of this rule will be addressed 2 suspension points plus possible loss of ranking points.


Registration Opens 42 days prior to tournament date
Registration Closes Monday at 11:59 pm of the week of the tournament date
Draws and schedule to be posted online on Tuesday of the tournament week – Players are responsible to check their own match time.

Information to players:

Click HERE for U12 Match Format of Transition 2Star Tour Series tournaments

  • Players will play two or three matches a day. Less matches may be played due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  • The schedule of the next round match is tentative and will be confirmed when players finish their first match – players finish earlier will be required to play their second match on the next available court.

Information to players on the reserve list of Transition 2Star Tour series tournament

  • Players on the reserve may get a chance to play when a spot is opened up due to player’s withdrawal. This may happen any time between the draw is posted and the first match is played.
  • Registrants who did not play in the tournament may be placed on a drawing lot for one of the 4 wild cards to play in the next Transition 2Star tournament. Players must register in the next tournament to be eligible to receive the wild card.
  • In any case, players will be refunded in 7 days after the tournament is complete.