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Introduction to Officiating

The Introduction to Officiating course is the first step on the road to becoming a certified Tennis Canada Official.

This course will prepare you for work as a Roving umpire (also known as off court umpire)  and a Line Umpire, and give you an overview of the roles of the Chair Umpire and Referee. It covers the Rules of Tennis and Code of Conduct.

The course usually takes place over one weekend, and attendance on both days is mandatory. On completion of the two day course the next step is the practical on court evaluation at local tournaments, on successful completion of which you will become certified.

Upcoming Clinic:

Introduction to Officiating

Dates: Saturday, November 18 & Sunday, November 19

Times: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Cost: $60

This introduction to officiating clinic will be held over 2 days for those interested in training to become an official and work at Tennis BC and Tennis Canada’s ever growing number of events. Saturday is a classroom session held at the Tennis BC offices. Sunday is on court training at the Junior Selection Series at either Hollyburn of UBC. Attendance at both days is mandatory to complete the clinic. For more details about the clinic please click here

For more information  please contact Anne Bees at abees@tenniscanada.com



Rules of the Court – Tennis Canada’s Official Rule Book now in stock!

To purchase a copy contact Anne Bees at abees@tenniscanada.com  Cost is $17.50, or you can have a copy mailed to you for $20.

Digital Copies:


Code for Unofficiated Matches

Not all matches can be played with a Chair Umpire or Roving Umpire  to assist when disputes or questions arise. Below you will find the Code for Unofficiated Matches, which is the set of rules and guidelines that all players should adhere to when playing under such circumstances.  League matches in BC are played under these guidelines.

The Code for Unofficiated Matches


Late Withdrawal / Failure to Complete Policy

Tennis Canada and its provincial partners feel strongly that in entering a tournament a player accepts the responsibility for it. Specifically, once a commitment to playing a tournament is made, it is the player’s responsibility to follow-through and to compete in the tournament. Thus, a National policy has been created for “Late withdrawals and failure to complete required tournament events” which has been added to the “Rules of the Court”. This policy applies to Junior events only.

LW/FC Policy – Feb 2016