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Tournament Sanction Form

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In order to ensure that all sanctioned (ranking) tournaments in British Columbia provide a consistent and fair experience for players, each tournament is required to designate a Tournament Committee consisting of at least of two persons - a Tournament Director/Organizer and a Tournament Referee. The Tournament Referee must be certified by Tennis Canada, and approved by Tennis BC.

The duties and responsibilities of the Tournament Committee are outlined in Tennis Canada’s Rules of the Court under Tournament Regulations.

The Tournament Committee must comply with Tennis Canada’s regulations, in addition to Tennis BC’s sanctioning criteria listed below. Tennis BC retains the right to refuse sanction if these requirements are not met.


The Club or Hosting Association is a current member and in good standing with Tennis BC.

The Club or Hosting Association must maintain and demonstrate on request adequate insurance for both liability and directors and officers.

Tennis BC requires that Tournament Planner software be used for on-line entries and for running all sanctioned tournaments. Software wil be provided free of charge and training is available.

The Club or Hosting Association will ensure that all participating players are current members of Tennis BC or another Canadian PTA.

The Tournament Committee must submit the completed TP file immediately after the completion of the tournament and any Reports of Misconduct (ROM) within 5 days following the tournament.

The Tournament Committee must not make any changes to the TP file once submitted for ranking purposes. Any changes or corrections must be advised in writing to tournaments@tennisbc.org.


Sanction Fees for Tennis BC events are as follows:

$350 Prize Money Tournaments
$250 NTRP/Adult Tournaments
$250 Seniors Tournament
$150 Junior Tournaments – Selection and Competition Levels
$100 Junior Tournaments - Developmental Level, and U10 Tournaments

Sanction fees will be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Sanction Process

Tennis BC will provide TP file to tournament organizer 45 days before the tournament starts or 7 days after receiving the sanction form, whichever is earlier.

Entries close 4 days prior to the event at 5pm. (This may be amended if statutory holidays or other considerations affect the registration process.)

After entries close, the Tournament Referee assumes control over the tournament file and any future participation decisions (i.e. late entries, non-payment, etc.)

Proposed seeding will be posted 3 days prior to the event.
Draws and schedule for first day of play will be posted 2 days prior to the event.

The Tournament Referee, being an impartial party to the tournament, is the final authority on seeding, draws, scheduling and any disciplinary issues that may arise during the tournament.

Junior Events

Adult NTRP Events

Senior Events


Please tell us about your event fees and any additional fees you have (optional shirts, bbq, friends, attending bbq and so on).

These Fees should be tax included.